Buick Gets Luxury Right with the New LaCrosse

For many years, Buick has attempted to join the ranks of the most luxurious automakers on the planet. Even though several past entries came remarkably close, Buick came up a tad short in competing with Lincoln, Mercedes, Audi, and others. That’s no longer the case. The 2017 Buick LaCrosse gets luxury right this time. In fact, the vehicle surpasses its more pretentious rivals in many categories. If you are looking for a large sedan that exudes real luxury, here are four reasons the 2017 LaCrosse might be the right one for you.
With a gorgeous interior, the new LaCrosse delivers the sort of luxuriousness you would expect from a large, luxury sedan. That includes a spacious cabin with leather and wood finishes. A large, high-quality display screen elegantly spans the dashboard between driver and passenger. Outside, the vehicle looks classy. With large wheels, clean lines, and a low profile, this car looks like it belongs at a country club or outside a boardroom.
This Buick delivers a comfortable, easy ride for up to five adults. With sufficient, headroom, legroom, and arm space, neither the driver nor any passenger will feel cramped in this ride. Even better, the LaCrosse operates extremely quietly, guaranteeing road and engine noise will not disturb conversations.
The LaCrosse uses a powerful V6 engine to deliver the best acceleration in the large sedan class. Combined with an all-wheel drive system, this vehicle has the power and performance to handle any driving situation.
The 2017 LaCrosse offers decent trunk space, guaranteeing you will have sufficient storage for your belongings on quick trips or longer drives. You will also notice some well-designed cubbies, lockers, and compartments throughout the vehicle to help you keep the car tidy.
With its all-around performance and elegance, the 2017 Buick LaCrosse propels the company to forefront in the large, luxury sedan segment. Fairway Auto Mall has a large selection of these impressive cars.