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 Congratulations to our winner Marcus Wilkinson!

Win a Chevrolet Silverado. TRUCK YEAH! (Contest is now Closed)

Turn that key – open the door – and fire up your brand new truck! TRUCK YEAH! We've teamed up with Country 106.7 to bring back our “Truck Yeah” contest. 

One key will unlock this limited-production Centennial Edition 2018 Silverado L-T-Zed Crew Cab Truck. Which could be yours, with no purchase necessary!

How to play: 

Dealership walk-in's - 1 ballot
Vehicle Test Drive - 3 ballot
SUV & Car Purchase - 5 ballot
Truck Purchase - 10 ballot

Draw Date: June 15th, 2019

Ballots will be drawn on an ongoing basis with the winners (qualifiers) being awarded a KEY. All  qualifiers will be invited to attend an event on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at approximately 11:00 am. taking place at Scherer Chevrolet GMC, located at 1225 Courtland Ave E, Kitchener, ON N2C 2N8 (the “Event”). Each key winner in attendance at the Event will be offered a key (at random) that will be pulled by a representative for Country 106.7fm  or the dealership and invited to unlock the Prize Vehicle. The individual whose key successfully unlocks the Prize Vehicle will be deemed the potential winner.
(for full contest rules click here)


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Michelle Reinhart
Katrina Brown
Shelly Nahrgang
Joan Bauman
Jeff Vanderhout
Tina Hartman
Cheryl Squires
Veronika Mitchell
Chris Gowing 
Jonathon Devries
Joanna Howell 
Nina Runstedler
Jamie Way
Jason Jacinto
Roger Gourlay
Cheryl Stevens
Amanda Mckinney
Melissa Tomas
Beth Rose
Lucille Dice
Persida Murphy
Reggie McClory
Andrew Jones
Ashley Dedman
Lisa Thompson
Liz Kelly
Darlene Deitz
Lori Mulder
Diana Moore
Lisa Friesen
Christine Simpson
Laura Bossenberry
Dwayne O'Grady
Darlene Vandehogen
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Rick Fieldhouse
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Brad Golbrick
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Joe Mariciro
Allyn Ward
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Patricia Codder
Tracy Goulding
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Nadine Bowes 
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Duncan Hauser
Kerry Hamilton
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Jeanie Green
Collin Rose
Amy Ford
Jodey Telling
Logan Demaline
Marcus Wilkinson
Myron Yoworski
Donald Perron
Duro Kalenic
Chantelle Burgess
Patrice Gallagher
Zelimir Karac
Jess WIllert
Jason Darnell
Brian Lorbestskie
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