Electric Vehicle Service

Electric Vehicle Service in Kitchener, ON

Electric vehicles have taken the driving world by storm, but as with any new tech, improvements can always be made. To ensure your electric vehicle lasts and performs at its best, it's crucial to prioritize battery inspections and software updates done by a Certified Service technician. These cars are unlike your average vehicle, and GM engineers are always there to support and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Keep your EV humming and lasting for years to come with proper maintenance.

At Scherer Chevrolet Buick GMC in Kitchener, we have a number of fully trained and certified EV Technicians experienced with all EV makes and models. Choose Scherer for all your Electric Vehicle Service needs.

The Differences Between Servicing Gas and Electric Vehicles

EV servicing involves some care steps that are different from a conventional car, as they don't have many of the components associated with gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles. This means that technicians need to be specifically trained in servicing EVs, and have access to special tools, parts, and even brand-specific software knowledge to get the job done.

Components like fuel filters, oil changes, and spark plugs are not needed for an EV; instead, regular care focuses on battery power, wheel alignment, and charging systems. Maintenance of the high-voltage electrical system requires more than just basic understanding: proper safety protocols must always be followed when working with an EV.

While Electric vehicles (EVs) may not require as much maintenance as traditional vehicles, they are not maintenance-free. And while some tasks can be handled by DIY enthusiasts, certain services are unique to these models and will require expert service.

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