Leasing Centre

Scherer Leasing was established in 1989 by Mr. Steve Scherer. Scherer Leasing Inc. over the last 20 years has built and maintained a leasing portfolio which has grown to be the Fifth largest independent in-house leasing company in Canada to date.
Scherer Leasing Inc. offers competitive in-house lease rates on all makes and models as well as offering lease fleet portfolio management to all companies.
If you like driving a new vehicle every few years, leasing could be right for you.

The benefits of leasing

When you lease a new car:

  • You get to drive a new vehicle more often
  • You don’t have to worry about resale or trade-in hassles
  • You are only paying for the portion of the vehicle’s value that you intend to use.

How leasing works
Used Vehicle Leasing Kitchener, Car Leasing Kitchener, Scherer Chevrolet Buick GMCWhen you buy a vehicle using traditional financing, monthly payments are based on the whole value of the vehicle plus interest.
When you lease a vehicle, your payments are based on the portion of the vehicle you expect to use (plus interest) over the lease term, which can range from 36 to 48 mo.
Leasing fine points
When you lease a vehicle you do not own the vehicle and therefore it is likely to have certain restrictions. For example: You may be obligated to fulfill certain maintenance requirements There may be restrictions on the kilometers you can drive And at the end of your lease term when you return the car, you may also be charged for any excessive wear and tear