Taking a Look at the 2016 Chevrolet Sonic

Shopping for a car can be overwhelming. Sometimes reading about cars you’re interested in helps you narrow down your choices. That can at least help focus on a specific style or size of vehicle. If you’re still not sure, try coming down to visit us at the dealership.
The 2016 Chevrolet Sonic comes in two styles. The first is a traditional sedan, and second is a 4-door hatchback. The hatchback offers a little more interior space and cargo capacity. However, in terms of interior space, the Sonic is better than the competition in both configurations.
It also has a superior ride quality because of sporty handling and advanced suspension. This makes it not only a versatile vehicle, but also a fun daily driver.
The Sonic might not be the car for you, but there is a car out there for you. Come down to see us at Fairway Auto Mall. We’ll discuss your options, listen to you and show you our inventory. We believe that there’s a car out there for everyone, so come find yours.
The Sonic comes standard with a four cylinder engine and a 5-speed manual transmission. Engine output is 138 horsepower with 125 pound feet of torque, and displacement is 1.8 liters.
In terms of safety, the sedan configuration of the Chevy Sonic has a five-star government crash test rating. The dashboard is practical and easy use, laid out with ergonomics in mind. The sedan type offers .42 cubic meters of space in the trunk, and hatchback gives you 1.35 cubic meters with the back seats folded down. You should expect a 12.8 kilometer per liter combined fuel efficiency with a manual transmission.
If you choose to go with a Sonic, you’ll need a comprehensive maintenance schedule to keep yourself on the road and away from costly repairs. Come down to Fairway Auto Mall and we will help you set everything up for worry-free driving.