Trade Appraisal

What's my car, truck, or SUV worth?

Whether you're looking to sell your vehicle privately, or through a dealer, knowing the potential value of what you're driving beforehand will give you a starting point in negotiations, and help you make an informed decision.

Use our online vehicle valuation tool to get an average trade-in comparable based on nearby vehicles currently for sale or recently sold. Our tool analyzes data from automotive dealers and manufacturers to determine a specific vehicle’s value in comparison to similar vehicles across Canada.

What Can Lower Your Trade-In Car’s Value?

There are many factors that can lower the price of your trade-in. Here are a few:

  • The scent of smoke lingers in the car.
  • Your car needs major repairs.
  • The accessories on your vehicle speak to only a small market of buyers.
  • Your car is really old.
  • Your trade-in car has high mileage.
  • The car has been in numerous accidents.
  • There are lots of scratches and/or dents.
  • Accessories are not working.